Vaporizer News: VAPE ACE Hand Held Portable Vaporizer on Indiegogo.

vape aceWhile looking for the current status of Inh05 campaign on Indiegogo, I’ve discovered another very interesting new Vaporizer project on this crowdfunding network, started yesterday.

So far, It’s in a much earlier stage than the Inhalater project, though and there are not many infos about this upcoming device by the inventor of the solo pipe, a self-igniting smoking pipe, yet. The only real technical data I can find about it is that it will be a conduction based model and will feature a micro usb port for charging the internal battery.

Based on the little information the manufacturer gives, I think it will be very hard for them to reach their goal (50000$), although the price point of 149$ (for a Vape Ace + a Solo Pipe) is proportionally low, compared with other modern portables.

However, I hope my progosis is not true and this will be a successfully founded project.

If you want to help funding the Vape Ace, go over to and search for “Vape Ace”.


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