Tips & Tricks: Jet Flash Chamber and Vaporizers

jet flash chamber

Lately, I have discovered a cool new product by Blaze Glass, you can use with some vaporizers, as well. At first, the Jet Flash Chamber was made to turn every water pipe into a jet flash (or hurricane) bong, though.

What’s really amazing about this little device is that it’s able to filter smoke, very effective. The three little jet nozzles swirl the smoke inside, so that some harmful substances will be pushed against the inner side of its glass bowl.
However, it’s amazing to use with a vaporizer, as well, since it will give your vapor a extra strong cooling. Some popular units can even be used without any water. You can simply put the Jet Flash chamber between the bowl and the whip of your arizer extreme q, for example.

The best way to use it with a vape is to attach it to your bong and connect it with your water tool adapter of your favorite unit. Trust me, this will improve “vapor-bonging” a lot!

The Jet Flash chamber is available with two 18mm joints only and can be bought for 20€ only.

Update: The US based manufacturer grav labs also has a variant of this awesome accessory. They even have a 14mm edition, you can use with your pinnacle water tool or f-bomb! They are a bit more expensive, but the quality seems better, too. Unfortunately, they are very hard to get online, however a very few stores have them on stock. Simply search for “helix pre-mix chamber”.


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