Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

zephyr ion

Since its launch in 2009, the Zephyr Ion is a well-known device with a very good reputation in North America. Also it is deemed to be one of the best home units ever and it seems very popular amongst its owners. Unfortunately, in Europe it never was released officially, since the vaporizer was build for 110V power supplies, only. So I had to get myself a very strong (500watts) and heavy step-down converter in order to use it over here.

What makes this vaporizer so interesting for me are all these little, but unique features only the Ion has to offer. For example, this vaporizer comes with an USB port to connect it with your computer. This will allow you to install forthcoming versions of the Zephyrs firmware, leave funny messanges for your flatmates or set a remote-control with their new software, which will be released later this year. Currently they are running a beta test of this software and you can apply here.

Also I’m pretty sure you could write your own firmware, or customize the original one, with the necessary knowledge.

So if you’re attaching great importance to technical personalizations, the Zephyr is the first choice amongst all balloon vaporizers. Although, with 359$ it’s slightly more expensive than most of itsy competitors, but I think already the strong air pump is worth the additional charge, since it will blow your bags in just a few seconds, like only its german equivalent does so far.

Also it’s valve seems pretty advances compered to others. It’s pretty simple but clever and keeps your vapor from leaking out of the balloon, entirely! Furthermore, I have the feeling that it heats up a little bit faster than its competitors, but I can’t say for sure, since I didn’t count the time.

But let’s start from the beginning! As soon as you have plugged it in, the display will start to glow red. Now, push the on/off button, open the flip-top and select your desired temperature (max. 440°F) with the + and – buttons. When it has reached the right temp, the display will automatically turn green. This is the signal for you to put in your herbs in the little pan like herb chamber and lay it on top of the screen, which is hidden under the flip-top, you now have to close again. Let it heat for a couple of seconds and put over the bag on the devices tip, before you push the last button, which will switch-on the air pump. If you want to use a whip, you can forget about the air pump button and simply put the whip on the tip, instead of the bag.

The vapor it produces is very satisfying, dense, tasty and clean. No doubt, you will be very pleased. Although the shell of the Zephyr seems to have a slight plastic smell, while heating up, but nothing does get in the airpath, so don’t worry, there is definitely no plastic taste or something.

Confidently, I can recommend this vape to anyone looking for a home vaporizer in the US and Canada. For europeans it is not too interesting, I think, due to shipping costs, taxes and the need for a step-down converter.

Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   1.5/5.0


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