WISPR 2 Vaporizer

wispr2Honestly, I always had problems to find out what’s the real difference between the Iolite 2.0 and its big brother the WISPR 2 just by reading their descriptions in online-shops. Okay, obviously they look very different, but another design only would not explain the slightly higher price, right?

Don’t worry of course this is not the only difference! The engineers of Oglesby & Butler Ltd. have made three remarkable and essential changes, I’d like to explain in the following.


First, the housing of the Iolite is made off duroplastic plastics, while the one of the WISPR appears to be made of metal, entirely and therefore it’s much more robust. I think you really can’t see that on any pictures on the internet.
The plastic parts on the devices outside are mainly for isolating the heat, so you won’t burn your fingers while holding it in your hands.


It still gets pretty warm though, since the WISPR 2 is able to reach 210°C! The Iolite just, can heat up to 190°C, which is a fine but low temperature for vaporizing. This means the WISPR is more effective and it will producer more visible and cloudy vapor. This is something a lot of vaporizer users prefer. I’m one of these myself! 😉
Anyway, this is a matter of your personal preference and probably the reason why the WISPR is an alternative rather than a replacement of the original Iolite!


The third essential difference is the improved heating time. The WISPR will reach its max. temperature in less than 30 seconds, already.
That’s not everything what divides the WISPR from the Iolite, though. For example the mouth piece of the WISPR is made of flexible silicone instead of solid plastic or that its shape makes it possible to stand savely, independent from which side you’ll put it on.


At all I have to say, that sometimes the most simple principle is still the best. Also the WISPR is not the newest portable device on the market, followed by lots of high-tech devices, it still satisfies me much more than most of these. It’s still one of the most popular portable vaporizers for a reasons!
The vapor is thick, tasty and clean.
Compared to the WISPR 2, I find the taste of the Pax simply terrible and when it’s about heating time it even beats the Arizer Solo!


Also we have to keep in mind that you’re completely independent from any power source! If the butane tank is empty, you simply fill in some more gas. This just takes a few seconds while charging a battery normally takes several hours. So it’s a very reliable device in every situation and probably the only one that won’t let you down, when you’re on a camping trip.
Also the WISPR is super easy to use, simply put your herbs in the chamber and push the button. Wait untill the light turns off and you’re ready to go. Really, that’s it! You don’t need to know more to start vaping right away.
The one temperature setting of the WISPR should satisfy everybody and if it doesn’t you can still get the Iolite 2.0.
Anyway, I prefer the WISPR over the Iolite for the reasons I’ve explained above. Also I like the design of it a lot. It’s available in six funky colors for 200$ each (incl. Shipping) on their own webshop.


Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.5/5.0


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