VaporTower Vaporizer


The Vaportower Vaporizer is a box style convection device designed and exclusively distributed by It differs from its competitors in its shape and size. The Vaportower looks a bit like a wooden and angled Arizer V-Tower with manuel temperature control and this is the device you can compare it with best, as well.

It’s a bit smaller and lighter than other box-style vaporizers and the ceramic heating element is placed vertically not crosswise!

This is already the reason why I think the VaporTower is more efficent than other box-style vapes I’ve tested so far. With a crosswise placed heating element I always have the feeling that the hot air isn’t able to heat my herbs evenly. Actually, I’ve always wondered why the’ve build these this way, this is definitely not a ideal solution!
Just because of the different structure the VaporTower is able to spread the hot air more equally, but they’ve also adopted the herb-chamber system of the Volcano Vaporizer, where you store your herbs between two same sized screens, in order to heat the material even more consistently.
Apart from that, it does work pretty much like any other box-style vaporizer, as well. They’ve just left out the LED’s and other useless junk (like a plastic window at the bottom) nobody needs.
This is a device for the puropse of aromtherapy, not a fancy toy (or lamp)!
Setting the perfect temperature is a bit tricky though, since there is no real scale. The idea is to set it once and leave it forever this way, after you’ve found the right setting for you. However, I know a lot of vaporizer users like to start vapeing on a lower temperature and finish on a higher one. This is a technique that doesn’t work perfectly with the VaporTower unless you make some marks on your own. Already minimal changes could affect the vapor quality.
The Vapor Tower can be ordered from for 179,95$ and is available in four different colors/wood types. On the first view, this might seem a bit high for a box-style vaporizer, but the price includes a Lifetime-Warranty, which covers pretty much everything except physical damage! This is actually something I’ve never valued in my previews reviews enough, but if you have a problem with a device once, you’ll start to cherish such an offer a lot.
Backed by the warranty, the VaporTower is build to last forever(!) so I can really recommend this thing to everyone, especially if you’re looking for a box style device. The vertical heating element is definitely an welcome improvement of this kind of vaporizer! I enjoy my VaporTower a lot. The vaportower vaporizer is available at
Price:       4.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   1.5/5.0

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