VaporGenie Volta 2.0 Vaporizer

vaporgenie volta 2.0 vaporizerThe Volta 2.0 is the latest version of the little battery powered vaporizer from the US based manufacturer VaporGenie, who is well known for their amazing VaporGenie pipe.

With the help of customer reviews, the Volta was modified and improved in many aspects.

With the mouthpiece and the battery attached, the VaporGenie is about 15cm long, less than 4cm wide and only 2,5cm high (including the bamboo lid)!

Often the unit is misleadingly compared with the Magic Flight Launch Box, but except for a very few optical similarities they actually have not much in common. If you want to compare it with another portable vaporizer, the FlashVAPE might be more suitable, imho, especially when it’s about heating time and performance. Nevertheless, the Volta is a unique device with a ingenious heating element, which is as simple as brilliant and I’m sure this system will inspire a lot of handymen to build their own vaporizers, based on this technique.

The heating element consists of corrugated metal that surrounds the whole herb chamber, so that the herbs are directly in touch with the metal.

This type of heating element guarantees an even consumption of your material, when you shake the device from time to time. However, it is very important that the herbs rest on the metal directly and not on the wood, therefore you have to tip over the Volta and use it sideways!

Btw. the heating element is very easy to clean, as well. Simply slide your finger over the corrugated metal a couple of times to fling out the used herbs.

The Volta is powered by a 3.2V LiFePO battery (two of these and a charger are included), which is a lot bigger than the AA sized batteries of the Magic Flight Launch Box, but also much more powerful! In just 4 – 10 seconds the Volta has reached vaporization temperatures.

While the heating element is still cold, I press the pushbutton switch (a distinguishing feature of the Volta) for about 10 seconds before I take the first puff. When the heating element is warm already, pushing the trigger for another five seconds is enough to take the next puff.

The Volta uses the puff-on-demand principle, which allows you to take single puffs, when ever you like. Normally, you can take 10 – 15 puffs per filling (+- 0,1g) before your herbs are fully used.

The first 2-4 puffs are very aromatic and delicious with no visible vapor, the following ones are less aromatic but more and more cloudy.

Attaching the Volta to a waterpipe or bubbler is possible, too. You simply need a whip and a bong adapter from any other vaporizer. They all fit over the mouthpiece very easy. This is well worth trying out!

Overall, I like this small vaporizer a lot. There are just a very few great electronic vaporizers for less than 100$, this is definitely one of these! Especially if you’re looking for natural components, I can recommend the Vaporgenie Volta a lot, although I think it’s not as fine built and designed as other wooden portables.

The Volta 2.0 is now available for just 95$, at the official VaporGenie webshop!

Price:       4.5/5.0
Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   4.5/5.0

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