Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer

Vaporbrothers HF
After testing a lot of different box-style vaporizers, I’ve finally had the opportunity to test the original one by Vaporbrothers.
14 years ago, two friends have created and build the first vaporizer of its kind, which became one of the most popular devices ever, but also the most copied one! Imho, non of these many knock-off devices ever reached the quality of the original Vaporbrothers, though.


Except for making it hands free, Vaporbrothers have never changed anything about it in this long period. There simply was no need to. It also beats all their competitors in every way, still, because non of these companies have ever tried to improve them but to produce them as cheap as possible. So, they all lack pretty much in quality, compared to the Vaporbrothers product.
You just need to look on the wooden housing and the whip to see, that the quality of the Vaporbrothers is much better and it was much more fine crafted than any other I’ve seen so far.


No wonder, they are one of the very less vaporizer companies with a very good reputation amongst vaporizer users. They simply care for there customers, which is something I seriously doubt when it’s about some of their competitors.
The Vaporbrothers box vaporizers are also the only ones that are actually manufactured in the US, not in a big chinese factory by exhausted and underpayed workers. You should always prefer handwork over mass production, especially if they just produce cheap and dangerous copies, that doesn’t work at all, instead of trying to improve them. Most of these companies had no own ideas at all, but simply stole those from Vaporbrothers and if they had any they never managed to make them work correctly (like these digital temperature scales. They never show a correct temperature!).


Knowing all of these facts above, I actually find it pretty akward that the original Vaporbrothers device isn’t even more expensive than others and you’ll even get a lifetime-warranty with the purchase of one. This is something that these fakes will never offer. Not without a reason, I think!
Vaporbrothers is very confident about their product, backed by countless happy customers all over the world. Starting from $129,99 only for a hands free version with a minor scratch/blemish (or $183,99 for a flawless one), this is still the best box-style vaporizer deal imho based on the price/performance ratio.


What I don’t find optimal about this vaporizer is that a separate on/off switch is missing, so you can’t leave the temperature set, once you’ve found it. You’ll have to set it again every time. My suggestion is to make yourself a little mark on your device, best.
I also can’t recommend you a particular setting, since there seem to be significant differences between their devices. Mine works very well around 11 o’clock, though.


Also I don’t like the plastic ground and the build in light a lot, that’s actually something I find unneccessary and I actually thought a chinese knock-off came up with this first! I would prefer natural components instead.
Anyway, these things won’t lower the pleasure of using this vaporizer. It’s top-notch and still the best box style vaporizer ever made. Support this company instead of giving some copy-cats your hard earned money. You won’t regret it!
Btw. Vaporbrothers also offer a lot of cool gadgets to personalize your device and customize it for your needs. For example, I’ve got myself a H20 Adapter-Ground Glass (18,8mm) for my waterpipe, which allows me to pull big fat clouds through it, but there are also plenty beautiful glass hydrators and whips in lots of exciting colors and shapes, that will make your vaporbrothers vaporizer very unique.
My conclusion: Better get the original! I can’t see any good reason to buy one of these knock-offs.


Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:   1.5/5.0

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