Vaporbrothers Dabbler Vaporizer

vaporbrothers dabblerThe Vaporbrothers Dabbler is the new portable vaporizer by Vaporbrothers and Vape-Pen, specially designed for waxes and oils. However, It can vaporize loose leaves and grinded herbs, as well.

First of all, I was very excited to test it, since it’s my first vaporizer pen ever, but also skeptical at the same time.
Vaporizers pens and rebranded/modded ecigs are flooding the market right now and I’ve heared not so much positive things about a lot of these. Some of them are suppost to combust your herbs instead of vaporizing the substance only, for example. And they all look very similar to me, so it’s pretty hard to say which is a good one and which is not.
Anyway, if a company like Vaporbrothers, who are very well known for their quality box vapes, come up with one, it can’t be bad, right?


Well, what should I say, it isn’t! Actually, it’s a amazing little thing in the actual size of a regular pen. I’ve expected it to be much larger and more wide, more like a permanent marker. The whole device including all accessory comes in a small and robust cigarette case, you can easily put in your shirtpocket.
Filling the pen with your oil and cleaning the device is a bit tricky though, but it’s always “sticky” when oils and waxes are involved. You should get some 90%+ alcohol in order to clean the oil chamber best (and you should do that regular).


About 0,1g of oil gives me 3or 4 nice and tasty draws. Heating time does not really excist! You can start vaping right away.What’s left in the end are some sticky stains only.
I actually find this the most effective method to consume oil, I’ve ever tried untill today. This little thing definitely does very well what it’s supposed to do. If you put in a little screen above the heating element in the pen you can also vape herbs and loose leaves in it!


It doesn’t please me a lot though. Personally I find the temperature of the Dabbler a bit too high for vaping herbs and since I have better ones for this purpose, it won’t replace them. I could imagine that some people will enjoy vaping herbs in it, still, especially if they like cloudy vapor. Also it’s by far the smallest and stealthiest electronic vaporizer I know. You can really take it everyhwere!
Especially, if you have a lot of valuable oil you like to consume most efficently, you should think about getting one of these. They are just 99,99$ each. I can’t say anything about other vape pens atm but at least I can say that this one is a good one and save to use!


Price:       4.5/5.0

Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    3.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


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