Top-Vapor VP500 Vaporizer

top-vapor-vp500This type of vaporizer represents the oldest electronic vaporizers I can remember. I’m not sure which company came up with these models first, but I’m sure it wasn’t Top-Vapor. However, as old as this kind of vaporizer is, as old is the technique as well. It’s just not up to the time anymore.

It’s very hard to figure out the right temperature to vaporize without combusting the herbs (happens very easy) and even if you would find out the right setting (the manuel doesn’t even give you any information about the VP500’s temperature range) it’s not very efficient and takes very long to heat.

It actually reminds me on the first vaporizer i’ve ever used: A DIY one made out of a light bulb. I didn’t liked that thing, but it was fun to build.

Based on the information i have about the heating element of the VP 250, I wouldn’t trust this things electronic parts too much, as well. Safety first!

Yes, it’s cheap and yes it might work, but I’m sure the vapor quality will dissapoint you a lot. Safe your money and get a torch lighter and the classic smoke bubble instead or just build it yourself. At least these are safer to use. NO RECOMMENDATION.


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