Tips & Tricks: Arizer Solo custom stems and micro bubbler by

Obviously, the Arizer Solo is still my favorite vaporizer of all! Unfortunately, the accessory offered by Arizer themself is very limited. Even more so, I appreciate that there is a canadian company and onlineshop which listens to the needs of solo users and produces their very own solo accessory that improves the usage in so many ways. For example by giving them some gaps at the bottom for better airflow and adding a metal screen that prevents you from sucking in your herbs. Also they look much more cool with the little sand blasted stripes and the planetvape logo on it.


The first custom stem I’ve got from planetvape is the so called stealth adapter! They suggest to hide the solo with it in a drinking cup to use it in public places, but that’s not the reason why I’ve bought it. In fact you can use it as a whip adapter, easily. You just will need an extra silicone tubing. This will give you the opportunity to use your solo hands-free and hide it in your pocket, instead! Also the whip will cool down the vapor a lot, which makes inhaling more pleasent than sucking on the original glass straw directly, since it will get more and more warm with every single draw.


You can also use the stealth adapter to attach it to your water pipe, that’s what i did at the beginning.
Another accessory I always wanted for my solo is something like the pinnacle hydrotube or a vapexhale hydratree, so I instantly got myself one of their new f-bomb JetDiffused Micro Bubbler Tubes, right after the release a couple of weeks ago. The f-bomb can be attached to your solo with one of their 14mm PVHEGonG High Efficiency stems, so i got myself one of these, too. These are better for your waterpipes than the stealth adapters, anyway, since the airflow is a bit restriced, because of the slim whip. So now I can attach my bong and my micro bubbler directly to the solo.


Here comes the most surprising part: I start to prefer the 6″ f-bomb over my 18″ bong! Honestly, I thought this would be more gimmicky than effective, despite from just looking awesome. I was sooo wrong.
I’m not joking! My friend who has visited me for a couple of days, felt absolutely the same and he’s a bong user, only. I’m not. Also this little thing hast put him to sleep early on a friday evening! Well, I’m not surprised anymore, because you really get big fat clouds out of it. I guess, this will permanently replace my bong, from now on.
Temperature setting 5: the vapor is ultra smooth. Temperature setting 6: it hits you in the face, really hard!
Very important: To get the water out of it again, you’ll need to hold it down crooked (mouthpiece below) and “draw” a circle with it in the air, very quickly. Otherwise some water will be left inside.


The borosilicate glass tube itself is very robust and heavy. A quality product made in north america.
So, if you always wished for such a tube, i just can recommend getting one. This will even top your expectations!
Next to these stems I’ve mentioned already, Planetvape has to offer a couple more custom stems, I haven’t tested myself. I’m sure they are as good as the ones I’ve recieved myself, though. Especially, their PVHES High Efficiency Stems are classified as being better than the original Arizer stems amongst Solo users.
Btw. They don’t sell custom accessory for the Solo, only. Their full sortiment includes unique glass ware for the Inhalater XP, Volcano and HerbalAire, as well.

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