HerbalAire H2.2 Vaporizer


The HerbalAire vaporizer is a very good multifunctional home-unit made in Canada, you can use for direct (whip) and passive inhalation (balloon).

After unboxing my newest device, the first thing I’ve realized was that the HerbalAire is much smaller than any other plug-in vape i owe! It’s even smaller than some portable vapes, I was able to test. With a height of 15cm only and a caliber of max. 8,5cm, you can also compare it with the Arizer Solo best.

Although this is only valid for the basic unit, since the balloon function is only an optional feature and requires you to connect the included aquarium-pump, sepperately. I appreciate this architecture a lot and even both devices together are smaller and lighter than any other balloon vaporizer I know, but honestly that’s also its biggest disadvantage. The aquarium pump does need a own power supply! This means you must have at least two power sources nearby, otherwise you should always carry a multi-pole socket with you, as well or simply leave the pump at home.

It’s size is not the only reason why I think you can compare it best with the Solo, though. The heating element seems very similar, as well and it even performs very likewise, except for that your not depending on a few temperature presettings only! The H2.2’s control knob let you set your desired temperature very accurate (400°F max), but if you want to set it as exact as possible, you should check out their new “elite” version, which features a digital display for degree-accuracy. I don’t feel that this feature is worth the 100$ on top, though, but that’s just because I think that in the end its always just about personal preferences and not about an specific temperature.

You can also control the pump speed quite exactly! The lower settings are recommended if you want dense and cloudy vapor, a faster setting is for those who want tasty and lighter vapor.

Btw. the aquarium pump is a great way of customizing your HerbalAire H2.2 vaporizer. You can get even stronger, lighter and smaller ones in your local pet shop. (Don’t buy if they have a own smell/taste!).

Especially if you have one of the HerbalAire’s unique adapters for blowing up to five balloons at the same time, it could be quite nice to have a stronger pump. These adapters are great for hanging out with your friends, so you don’t have to share your bag anymore, since everyone can have their own now.

Like mentioned already, the HerbalAire is not just a balloon vaporizer, but also a device vor direct inhalation. If you prefer this vaporizing method anyway, the pump is unneccessary to take away and therefore it is the most portable home-unit I had so far. A whip is included already, but personally I prefer to attach it to my bong and my f-bomb watertool (a custom stem is needed!). This thing produces vapor like a champ and that’s why it’s a really great device for this particular purpose, too.

While I’m unsure myself if I believe this one is better than the Extreme Q, as well as some other comparable devices, or not (both devices have their advantages), I’m damn sure I would buy this one if I would plan to carry it around a lot. I mean it even fits in my winter-jacket’s pockets, the main unit in one, the pump in the other one! And measured on the size, the HerbalAire ist the most powerful vaporizers of all.


Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.5/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:   2.5/5.0


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