Sonic Vaporizer

sonic vaporizer

This portable vaporizer suddenly appeared out of nowhere. At first I thought that this new company simply has failed to introduce themself to the vaporizer community. This is either foolish or they are just very confident about their device, which has some very noticeable similarities to the Davinci Vaporizer. Since the Sonic Vaporizer is sold for the same price but with shorter warranty time, I had doubts at first that this is just a Davinci bootleg, though.

Taking a look on their website revealed that this company seems to have something to hide. There is no information where this vaporizer comes from and where the company is located. Btw. on the device itself there is written “designed in california, assembled in prc”, but even in the manual there is no information about who has designed it, what’s their company’s name and where you can find them. I really found all of this very suspect, but I’ve decided to give it a chance, anyway.


Well, that was a big mistake. What I’ve recieved is the worst vape I ever had. I mean it’s not necessarily worse than other cheap chinese vaporizers I’ve got, except for that with 200$ each this thing is not cheap at all! To be fair, the original Davinic Vaporizer seems to suffer on the same problems, as far as i know. Anyway, the Davinci is a vaporizer with a (more or less) good reputation and the company does take care of warranty cases, so I don’t see a reason to trust a suspicious company nobody knows shit about instead, in order to get a very similar product. Davinci Vaporizers also has denied officially, that the Sonic Vaporizer is produced by a sub company of Davinci, as some people have claimed. So it’s not just a re-designed Davinci.


But let’s start from the beginning. The Sonic Vaporizer is very small and the quality of the device seems fine. Well, at least before you’ve started to heat for the first time. The plastic smell this thing produces is horrible and yet it’s still present, even though I have let it run for several hours! I simply couldn’t burn it off entirely. Although, the manual doesn’t tell you to burn off any production leavings and implies you can use it right away, so actually some poor fellows might have inhaled this horrible plastic flavor! Honestly, I never put any herbs in it because of this. Therefore I never have really tested it, but I hope you’ll understand that I don’t want to risk my health in any way. That’s also the reason why this device doesn’t get a rating from me. Also because I’ve heard that this is a problem the Davinci has, too. So if the Sonic is just a simple Davinci bootleg, they’ve build it with the same problems the Davinic has, instead of trying to fix these and improve the concept of the Davinci. For example, both devices are very hard to load, since you have very bad access to the herb chamber.


To be fair, the devices might work, since there are a couple of people that seem satisfied with their Sonic Vaporizer and I might just have a faulty device, but since I have to judge it based on what I’ve recieved I can’t recommend this thing at all. Also even if it would work well, you can still get something better for less! I don’t trust this company and neither you should. Instead, save your money and stick with one of the devices that already have a good reputation, you can’t go wrong with these. When it’s about your health, you shouldn’t take any risks. A vaporizer is supposed to produce healthy vapor and I really can’t guarantee that the Sonic does.


Price:       0.0/5.0
Vapor:      0.0/5.0
Quality:    0.0/5.0
Mobility:   0.0/5.0

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