Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Last week, I’ve recieved a SilverSurfer Vape built by US company 7th Floor LLC. The SSV is a very beautyful box-style vaporizer with hundrets of customization possiblities. Actually, you can entirely design your very-own model or choose from one of their devices designed by various artists. Since they are even hand blowing their glass knobs and heater covers, every SSV is unique. And even these can be designed by yourself, btw.


Next to the customization possibilities, 7th Floor is the only company that offers every(!) useful accessorie you can think of or you can wish for. The simply have everything from watertool-attachments to vapor tamers and custom build bubblers.
But let’s get back to the actual device. The SSV comes in a really cool dime bag to carry it around. Comapred to other box-style vape the SSV is much more heavy and robust, since it has a metal housing instead of a plastic/wooden one. While I’m not so sure where the hot air from other similar working devices went through, you can clearly see that the airpath of the SSV is glass only! There is a little whole in the heater cover where you’ll suck in cool air which gets heated up by a small ceramic stick inside of the heater cover that starts to glow when the max. temperature has reached after around two minutes of pre-heating. So the heating time is rather long, but who cares?! Haste is waste! The vapor the SSV produces is top notch. It’s as clean and tasty as it can be and it gets really cloudy on a higher temperature level.


Since there is no scale around the glass knob, it’s a bit tricky to find out the right temperature setting for you. Normally you’ll start on the highest setting to heat up the heater cover and after it has reached the max temp, you’ll have to turn it down to 70% and slowly turn it up again untill the SSV will produce the most satisfying vapor for your personal preferences. You’ll have to do this once and than you can remember this setting for your next sessions.


To start vaping you’ll simply have to put your herbs on the screen in the wand and slide it above the heater cover.
That’s it already. The manuel is very detailed and doesn’t leave any questions unanswered btw., just follow the instructions and you really can’t do anything wrong!
Unfortunately the basic version of the SSV is not a hands-free vaporizer and requires you to press the wand at the end of the whip on the heater cover, manually. So if you’re too lazy for that and you want to lean back instead, you should order yourself a hands free attachment for 13.99$!


At all, I’m very satisfied with mine and amongst all box-style vaporizers I owe, I like this one the most so far.
You can get an artist designed device for 350$-365$ per unit. A fully customized vaporizer can even be a little more expensive, but a basic SSV is only 269.99$ (europeans have to pay +20$ for a 220V unit), including all necessary parts and a three-year limited warranty for the original purchaser. You even can buy some slightly blemished once starting from just 180$ only!
Anyway, all types of the SSV are definitely worth their money and if you’re looking for a box-style vape this would be my first choice. I really love mine!


Price:      4.0/5.0

Vapor:     4.5/5.0
Quality:   5.0/5.0
Mobility:  1.0/5.0


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