Fuzion Vaporizer AVR 400

fuzion vaporizer
You thought it couldn’t get worse?! You’re wrong. The AVR 400 by Fuzion company even beats the Top-Vapor products in beeing dubious. The package clearly says “hands free whip with glass mouthpiece”, “ceramic electrofusion heating element” and “handcrafted wooden box”. First of all, there was no whip inside, second: the handcrafted wooden box smells very bad and I’m not even sure if this is real wood or just plastic with a wooden look. Also I’m pretty sure the ceramic heating element is none, again. I don’t even need to crack it open to see, that there is no ceramic in it and after seeing the one from the top-vapor product, we now can imagine very well how the so called heating element will look from within.

It even produces visible “vapor” without heating any herbs! I’m not sure where the vapor comes from, but you don’t want to inhale that for sure.

Now, ask yourself if you want to trust a company that lies to you that cheeky. The slogan on their homepage says “invest in your health” and that’s what I’m also recommending to you: Do yourself a favor and DON’T GET ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.

I even tried to contact the chinese company that seems to have offices all around the world to get some more information about their heating elements. I’m very curious to see a data sheet of it!

Also I’m very interested what produces the vapor that obviously doesn’t come from heating herbs!

Of course I never got an answer from this company who claims that their vaporizers are of “great quality”.

Btw. I think Fuzion and Top-Vapor could be the same company! There are lots of similarities between both products.

Anyway, don’t get fooled by reckless companies like Fuzion or Top-Vapor that simply exists to rob customers in need for a vaporizer, who can’t effort a more pricey one.

Based on my experiences: You probably won’t get a good vaporizer for less than 100€. Please keep that simple rule in mind when you’re considering to buy one.

Price:       0.0/5.0

Vapor:      0.0/5.0
Quality:    0.0/5.0
Mobility:   0.0/5.0


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