FlashVAPE Vaporizer + Stage 2 Kit

flashvape stage 2FlashVAPE Manufacturing was so kind to send me one of their made-in-canada FlashVAPE Vaporizers.

I think it’s obvious where it has its name from. The FlashVAPE Vaporizer does pretty much look like a Flashlight. Also when it’s about size and weight, you could compare it to one.

Even if it has some similarities to the Magic Flight Vaporizer on the first view, too, this has not much in common with the little wooden box. This one beats it by far, I think! For just a couple of bucks more, you’ll get the fastest heating Vaporizer one the market. In just 4 or 5 seconds you’ll get some very pleasant vapor out of it. Just fill the ceramic bowl between the screens with your herbs and push the Power-On button.

Take a close look in the very detailed manual and you will find three different methods described how to use it. I’ve tested them and they all work very well for me, however I prefer the “original” method (in the manual: “tweek” method). This one is the most innovative one and the one that’s superior to other Vaporizers, I think. It allows you to take little puffs on demand, which means you can take one puff now and a second one in 2 hours, if you like to. With the same filling, of course. One filled bowl is enough to take up to 15 little puffs. You should shake the bowl slightly everytime before heating, best.

I really like this puff-on-demand principle, cause most vaporizer “force” you to inhalte the whole substances once you’ve started to vape. This one gives you the opportunity to inhale when ever you want by just heating up again for each puff. I mean of course you can do this with other Vapes as well, but the heating time would drive you insane when you have to wait at least one minute every time you want to take a single puff. Also most portable ones wouldn’t let you finish a single bowl before the battery is too low, I guess. One Power Cell of the FlashVAPE can manage up to four bowls. You should always carry both completely charged, if you’re planning to vape a lot of herbs. The battery is very very powerful and if you heat your herbs too long you can easily start to combust them, too! It would have been nice if it would automatically shut down after it reaches too high temperatures. Anyway, you’ll get the feeling when it’s ready pretty quick. Also you can see the vapor rise through the little window. If you want to get exactly the same results each puff you should always count the seconds, though!

The company has also provided me with some extra accessory and the new Stage 2 Kit! The Stage 2 Kit includes two even more powerful batteries, a new charger and a ceramic heating element, you just have to lay under the lower screen in the bowl (take care it’s a bit fragile). These little upgrades will turn your FlashVAPE into a conduction Vaporizer.

Also what I really like is the whip with the very adorable little water-bubbler. It works astonishing well and is the smallest and cheapest functional watercooler I’ve ever seen for a vaporizer. You can really take this wherever you go. If you order a whip you will get the mini-bubbler for free!

At all I think this is a first-class mobile device for a very fair price, super quick and easy to use. You can’t go wrong with getting one of these!

Europeans can get it from france and the UK atm, in my homecountry germany it’s not yet available, officially.

Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    3.0/5.0
Mobility:   3.0/5.0


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