Firewood Vaporizer

firewood 1.0So, there actually is a very good Vaporizer for less than 100$! Based on my experieces with vaporizers so far, I already came to the conclusion that there is no such thing on the market. Well, I was wrong. There is this new nice little wooden/electric portable from a small and independent manufacture outta Wellesley, Massachusetts in the US. The so called Firewood is a convection/conduction hybrid vaporizer that combines natural and electronic components. It can reach temperatures up to 215°C. The Firewood vaporizer is handcrafted in the USA and is distributed exlusively by the company itself. You can buy it from their webshop starting from just 89$ a piece. At the moment, you can choose between six different models. They differ in the type of wood they’ve used to build it, only. Except for the cheapest one. The so called “unfinished” version just hasn’t recieved a finish with natural beeswax and mineral oil, yet, but you can easily do this yourself if you like, they even over you the necessary gear for cheap. Anyway, I have a unfinished one myself and I don’t really feel that anything is missing. In fact it has a very fine crafed housing with a smooth surface that lies very comfortable in my hand. I can’t complain about anything. Of course the other models are much more shiny and elegant, though.

The device has pretty much the size of a typical smartphone, maybe a bit thinner but also a bit thicker. Inside is a very long lasting but also very heavy NiMH battery, that will support you with heat for lots of fillings, once charged (takes up to four hours). The manuel explains how it works very detailed, however you could also watch their demo video, which from you will learn it pretty quick. I already knew the technique from the FlashVAPE, though. And here comes what makes the Firewood Vaporizer so awesome: The first two draws are extremly aromatic (they recommend to inhalte for about 20sec each puff). For real, I was even able to recognize flavors in my herb, I haven’t with other vapes. No visible vapor, yet! After the first two hits it suddenly gets extremly thick and cloudy (when this happens you can start to release the trigger from time to time) and It actually hits me very hard, which is something I’m not used from other vapes. Normally, the effects come very slowly and gentle imho. So if you want to get really wasted, this one will grant your wish 😉 Their must be a higher concentration of vapor in the air, I guess. I also have the feeling that the substance is quicker gone than in other devices, though. So, this one is probably nothing for someone that wants to inhale as long as possible with a single filling.

Normally, I prefer exact temperature control, because I’m worried to reach too high temps accidentely, but in this case it doesn’t bother me at all. The max. temperature of 215 °C is absolutely fine. You’ll not burn anything. The only thing that some people could dislike is that the mouth piece gets a bit too warm (no lip-burning though), but you can easily attach a silicone whip to it. That’s what I did. At all, this thing is a unique vaporizer and by far the cheapest device I can recommend! I find it pretty odd, that such a small company is able to sell them for such a fair price… With getting one of these you will not just only support a small and independent company but also a caring company that puts their cards on the table and is willing to give their customers very detailed information about eyerthing on public boards like fuckcombustion. They don’t have to hide anything, their products are 100% save to use, without any doubts. No wonder that their fan base is growing daily, the Firewood is just amazing! Take your chance and get one, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.5/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:   4.5/5.0


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