Blaze Life Portable Vaporizer

blaze-life-vaporizerThe Blaze Life Portable Vaporizer is my second pen-style vaporizer based on an e cig. It comes with three different atomizers. One was constructed for oils, waxes and extracts only, one is for e juice and one was made for dry herbs. I would suggest to forget about the dry herbs though. While the Blaze Life works amazing with oils and e juices, which require much higher temperatures than dry herbs, it doesn’t do these very good. Even the build in screen can’t predict the blaze life from combusting your herbs very well, so it’s much more like an electronic pipe than a real vape. If you buy one for this purpose only, you will probably regret it! For these reasons: Please note that the following review doesn’t consider it as a pen for dry herbs, but as what it is, a vaporizer for oils and extracts only!

While unboxing the Blaze Life I’ve realized at first, that it is much smaller and thinner than it looks on the pictures. With a overall length of 15,5cm and a caliber of 1,3cm it has pretty much the size of a thin cigar only. Especially unscrewed in two pieces, it can disappear in every shirt pocket, inconspicuously.
Take a look into the very short manual and you will understand how it works very quick. But while my first test with dry herbs wasn’t what I’ve expected, I’ve made myself a little oil and bought me some e juice with tobacco flavor, in order to test the two remaining mods. Since I never have used an e cig before, I was really surprised when the tank turned my e juice into tasty and very very thick smoke-like vapor. This feeling is really close to cigarettes imho and it seems like a very good alternative to real tobacco. I actually like it and I will experiment with it a little more in the future and I’m sure these e juice herb extracts, which are very popular in the us and canada at the moment, are also a great way to get your medication. Would definitely love to lay my fingers on these. Anyway, this is also definitely not the same experience than real vaping! This experience is reserved for the consumption of waxes and oils only. Simply put a little of these extracts on the coil of the oil atomizer and start the pen.


The reason why I don’t like oils and waxes very much, is that I simply can’t use it very effective and you will normally loose a lot of valuable ingredients. Not so with the Blaze Life. It will entirely consume your extract and transform it into tasty and cloudy vapor, instantly. Especially if you have a need for very strong medication, you should consider to get yourself a vaporizer like this, because that’s what they are really great for.
All devices have their very own starches and weakenings. Vaping extracts is the blaze life’s biggest asset.
I recommend this to everyone who needs a pen style vaporizer for exactly this purpose (and for using e juice with it). If you’re looking for something that will vaporize your herbs, better get something else.


Price:       3.5/5.0

Vapor:      3.0/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


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